Teaching patriotism through art

Both fun and learning took place as the Grade 2 learners crafted their own South African flags out of beads, paint, string and pompoms. This brought the spirit of our heritage alive in the class and enabled growth in a fun way.

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Photo from Rey1Mathematics : Time

Good time management helps in every area of life, whether it’s work or at home and ensures you make the most out of every moment.

Instead of handing out worksheets , kids had enormous fun creating their clocks and learning about time, using hulla hoops , flard cards and rulers.

Fun Fact : Time is unstoppable . It runs continuously.

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IMG 20201104 WA0074An important part of Grade 2’s vocabulary and spelling development is to learn and understand the meaning of homophones.  Our learners played a “Match the homophone “ game and then constructed their own sentences with their matching homophones.

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IMG 20201104 WA0053Grade 2 learners practising how to count money in a practical and engaging way.

Kids need to be taught about the value and appreciation of money from an early age. How and when to do this is a question frequently asked.

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