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Photo from Rey1Mathematics : Time

Good time management helps in every area of life, whether it’s work or at home and ensures you make the most out of every moment.

Instead of handing out worksheets , kids had enormous fun creating their clocks and learning about time, using hulla hoops , flard cards and rulers.

Fun Fact : Time is unstoppable . It runs continuously.

Mathematics : 3 D Shapes

Learning about 3  dimensional shapes opens up a new world to kids. 2D and 3 D shapes have different features. Creating 3 D shapes using jelly tots and toothpicks allows the children to explore the properties of the shapes in a fun way.


Life –Skills : Healthy Eating

Healthy snacking helps children meet their daily needs for nutritions and energy, helps them to grow , to think and to stay active at school and home.School plays an important role in promoting healthy eating habits.


Spring Day Activity

Engaging in outdoor activities builds the right foundation for children so that they can become productive and well rounded adults in the future.These activities  help children improve their physical , emotional , social and mental health.


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