Life & Physical Sciences Department

Fortunately, before the enforced lockdown in March, Life and Physical Sciences learners had access to the schools laboratory. All grade 7– 12 Life Sciences and Physical Sciences learners had the opportunity to conduct or view demonstrations in the school lab.                                       

Practicals are a vital part of the teaching and learning processes in the Science learning area.

Practicals/ investigations benefit the learners in the following ways:

  • Promotes teamwork where tasks are shared
  • Encourages learners to work quickly and efficiently.
  • Develops the skill to follow instructions within a stipulated time period.
  • Encourages learners to apply scientific skills using appropriate apparatus.

The Online teaching platform utilized during the lockdown period allowed a new method of teaching and learning. Learners were both excited and afraid of the change from the “normal” method but soon grasped on and most learners coped very well. The inclusion of videos / PowerPoints/ pictures etc. for most lessons, really appealed to the learners’ audiovisual learning centres of the brain.

Pictures of some practicals conducted at school this year:

  • GR 12 LS DNA Extraction

  • Grade 8 LS - Test for the presence of Oxygen.

  • Grade 10 L - Food test investigation

The Al Falaah Science educators also rose to the challenge presented by the lockdown period and enrolled for courses to assist in the online teaching platform. Webinars / Google meets etc. were some of the ways in which educators met and discussed pertinent matters and learnt new ways to engage with the learners and each other.

Last year Mrs. S Essopp completed a WITS GetSmarter Teaching with Technology course. During this incredibly challenging year, Mrs. Saistha Essopp managed to complete the following courses:

  • VIA Afrika Teaching Online course
  • Apple Teacher Course

Well done on her remarkable achievements.

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