Department of Mathematics (HS) Data Analytics Event

Al Falaah College was amongst the top ten schools chosen to be invited to a Data Analytics virtual event organized by UKZN Statistics department.  This prestigious event includes the best mathematical minds from the province and is going to be hosted by the Dean of the faculty of Mathematics and Statistics UKZN, Prof. Delia North. The girl’s event will take place on 27 November 2020, whereas the boy’s event will be held on the 04 December 2020.   We wish our participants all the best and AFC has the utmost confidence that our learners will do us proud.

The following girls from Grade 11 will represent AFC:

1  Asma Idris Elias

2  Fareehah Hassim

3  Najiha Tar

4  Husna Ally

5  Laiba Waraich

The following boys from Grade 11 will represent AFC:

1  M. Uwais Yacoob

2  Ismaeel Lahrie

3  Muhammad Rashid

4  M. Shuayb Shaik

5  M.Hassaan Ali

Prof. Delia North also presented gift packs to all our participants and our teacher participant Mr A Khan.  Alfalaah College is privileged to be a project school for UKZN (mathematics and statistics) going forward.  Good luck Mr Khan and our grade 11 students.

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