Stalked by an Invisible Enemy

We lived in a universe where beauty flourished on every level, from the tiny molecules of an atom to the breath taking colours of the galaxy, the universe was a masterpiece

All was good in our world but greed and carelessness evolved amongst humans. Acres of blooming buds deteriorated into factories. Factories underwent revolutions that allowed them to spew their noxious gases and toxic waste into our world. The air, land and sea all became tainted with the remnants of our waste, and that is when the Land of Corona rose to prominence and took its place in the world.

The Land of Corona was a subtle and devious enemy. It was a place that wanted to dominate the world but it did not do so in the traditional methods of war with which we have become all too familiar.

Instead, they used bats and pangolins as their agents of infiltration.

This land was secretive and no one knew what was happening until it decisively launched its mission.

Its invisible army headed for China where it spread rapidly and forced people to avoid each other in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. Then it moved on to the rest of the world.

Within months, countries were colonised .The world came to a standstill and previous enemies united to fight the unseen foe, a defeat that was impossible.

Millions of people were left in despair and hundreds of thousands lost their lives. The silent war continued. People suffered and many distanced themselves from everyone, trying to halt the progression of this invisible army. The friend today could be an enemy tomorrow.

The poor were the hardest hit as businesses closed and people huddled in their homes in isolation, to try to halt the spread of this disease that plagued our world, while slowly starving to death due to lack of economic resources.

Education was withdrawn from children and once again those who had the least suffered the most, as they did not have the financial means to take advantage of the online teaching and learning which had replaced traditional classrooms.

Soldiers took to the streets to safeguard the citizens. But humans always seem to have a streak of nastiness within them and many abused the power with which they were entrusted. Lockdown was in action worldwide to protect the people from this enemy but there were many amongst us who were betrayers, who refused to wear masks and refused to practise social distancing, which were the only proven methods of preventing the uncontrollable forces arrayed against us.

However, all was not doom and gloom. We saw unprecedented acts of human kindness and open-heartedness amongst us. We saw nature return to much of its former glory. We saw strangers step up and offer a helping hand to their fellow human beings. We saw people selflessly risking their lives in order to save others on the frontlines of this battle. We saw the shallowness of our blind hero-worship of celebrities, sport stars and internet idols.

The Land of Corona has managed to teach us valuable lessons. It taught us to see through the lies of politicians who don’t want to accept responsibility for their poor decisions. It taught us that the world is a much smaller place than we ever imagined. It taught us to re-evaluate our priorities. It taught us how much family matters and how we take little freedoms, like the ability to congregate in our houses of worship for granted. It taught us that the social and financial inequalities within our societies need to be addressed.

We are still fighting the good fight against our enemy. We will win this battle. However, in order to see permanent victory we need to be constantly vigilant in order to ensure that we do not allow new enemies like this to arise.

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