The history-making moments that have happened in 2020

From the start, 2020 has been unkind to us all. How has 2020 been so far? Here are some bizarre highlights of this abhorrent year.

In January, we were on the brink of World War III with a nuclear holocaust on the side. In February Australia was literally on fire, death and destruction galore and in March COVID-19 shut down the country, and sent us into a 6 month quarantine which forced students into online school, which frankly I really enjoyed.

Then April hit us with the 4.1km asteroid that NASA discovered that could have potentially ended us all, and mercifully put us out of our misery. May brought us an incident of police brutality that killed a man named George Floyd, which spiked huge protests all across the world. It started the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests against Police Brutality, #BLM. June was intense with BLM protests still roaring, there was an additional element in our terrifying concoction, a catastrophic fuel spill in Russia that had a ghastly impact on the environment. July left me truly awestruck, the Pentagon had released three videos of extra-terrestrials in the earth’s atmosphere, and in the words of the navy pilots who recorded it,” Not behaving by the normal laws of physics”. I truly am at a loss for words. If you have made it this far you deserve a round of applause because we still have three months left. August really had no remorse, areas in Africa were plagued with swarms of locusts that eradicated many parts of the regions and September brought erupting protests to South Africa over a controversial hair ad.  Now we have reached, and are presently in October and something disturbing has occurred in France. There are cartoons being made of our Prophet (SAW) which are rude and disrespectful. It has made me very despondent. In November we shall see the elections in the USA, and who knows what December will bring. Further lockdowns? In that case, there goes my holiday. What a year this was, I wouldn’t even count it as a year. I just pray and hope that 2021 is a little kinder to us as we now embrace the new normal.

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