Islamic Studies


The year 2019 marked an introduction of an important milestone in the Islaamiyaat Department as we introduced an exciting and dynamic ISW syllabus for the grade 8-12 learners at AFC. This new creation has proved to be very successful in addressing the key challenges and needs fulfilment for both male and female students in the high school.

The main aim of this project was to ensure that learners are provided with a syllabus that focused predominantly on matters were relevant and which affected their present situation. An all-encompassing syllabus which equips our learners to face real life issues in very meaningful and practical ways to cope with the pressures, challenges and demands that they face daily, be it at home, in school, in their communities or in society at large.

Islamic Studies Syllabus:

The new syllabus implemented by the Islamic Department envisaged a student who when completing this syllabus will come out a well moulded young adolescent. It focuses on teaching learners how best to use the tenets, values and beliefs of our beautiful Islamic faith in a practical way to overcome adversity, survive and thrive in the modern world where it is so easy for our learners to lose their moral compass. 

The Islamic Department’s vibrant new ventures and initiatives will be undergoing further review, improvement and advancement so that all learners will be guaranteed a truly superb, memorable, inimitable syllabus in 2021 and all the years that lie ahead.

Tarbiyyah Programme:

 The Tarbiyyah programme introduced in 2020 has been immensely informative, interesting and enlightening to both staff and learners alike. The instruction received from the lectures and discourses presented by various, highly respected guest speakers has had a tremendous impact on learners moral and spiritual development and their ability to make good informed decisions and choices in a world filled with much temptation to commit injustice and undesirable actions.

The Islamic department is to be commended as they embarked on a programme to include a tarbiyyah inititive that asked for the normal academic timetable of the school day to be adjusted so that both staff and learners could have the opportunity to sit down together and learn from and enjoy the advices presented in the tarbiyyah programme. The programme had the desired effect as all our learners and staff were deeply touched and powerfully influenced by the lessons they learnt.

Virtual Programmes:

Lastly Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the life we knew and we had to adapt very quickly to the ‘new normal’. We thank our teachers for their creativity and innovation in adapting so swiftly to the technological demands. They were able to use technology and present lessons in never to be seen ways prior to Covid which our students thoroughly enjoyed. Howeverthe  ISW department could have done more, had they been given more time in the timetable. With the stringent Covid protocols at school , the ISW department may not have had as many initiatives as we would like to have demonstrated. This is a learning curve for the world at large. We are confident we will succeed and 2021 will be a much better year Insha Allah.

It is our fervent Dua that the Islamic Department at Al-Falaah continues to grow from strength to strength and in leaps and bounds. Aameen



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