HOD report pic 2020I feel privileged to be associated with Al falaah College, especially in this Covid 19 pandemic year.

2020 is definitely a year to remember!

The pace at which technological and social changes took place this year has been unprecedented.

What is amazing, is the way in which both teachers and pupils embraced this “new normal “

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Tick Tock, Tick Tock…..Imagine yourself at the time of your death. What thoughts cross your mind? Memories of family and friends? Panic? Regrets? What's going to happen to me? No…This can’t be happening…I need more time, I promise to do things differently…Just More Time!!

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Fig 5 JamboardGraad 4 leerders het lekker geleer hoe om plakkate te ontwerp met behulp van Jamboard, 'n opvoedkundige program. Hierdie plakkaat is ontwerp as deel van hul digitale leerervaring tydens toesluit.  Vinnige aanpassing aan die gebruik van tegnologie het die leerders se ervarings verbeter.

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Social distance schooling proved to be a fun learning adventure for our learners. Grade 4 learners explored ONOMATOPOEIA and created phenomenal pieces of POP-ART to describe the sound that their word choice makes.

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As lockdown loomed

Bringing with it only gloom

My online teachers, Oh so dear, took away my ear

Online classes kept me safe

Thanks to my teachers who are so brave. They saved me from that nasty Covid wave

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Allāh has blessed us with a religion that is complete and perfect for all times and places. Whatever problem or issue a Muslim is facing, he returns back to Allāh and His beloved Messenger for guidance.There is nothing that happens in the life of a Muslim except that his Deen has a solution to it.

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Covid-19 and lockdown is an unprecedented event that will be sure to be recorded in our history books. Grade 4 learners expressed their thoughts and feelings about what was happening in their own journals. 

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In term 1, Al Falaah College participated in a spelling bee competition hosted by Nagari Pracharni Primary School. Several schools from surrounding areas participated and learners displayed their spelling prowess. We are proud of our two learners who represented our school- Hamiz Osman (4FBA) and Muhammad Jhajbhai (4FBA).

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Our corridors and classrooms being replaced with our homes.

At first we were happy that we were sent home.

Little did we know our homes will become an online dome.

We were happy at home watching YouTube.

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Fig 7.1 Mondeling newDie graad 5- en 6-leerders het as deel van hul mondelinge lesse ‘n aanbieding ontwerp en aangebied. Leerders het die ekstra myl geloop deur werkvelle en powerpoint-aanbiedings oor 'n gegewe onderwerp te skep. Hier is ons toekomstige onderwysers!


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Our outdoor classroom was covid-safe and double the fun. Grade 4 learners set up their own picnic mats and enjoyed the sunny spring weather. They were inspired by the beauty of nature to write amazing acrostic poetry.  

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Technology here we come like it or not !

“Transitioning to online in such a short period of time is really tricky…one day we were in school, and the next day, the whole world was kind of flipped upside down.’’ Meredith Salmon (a biology teacher at the Peddie School in New Jersey)

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