Grade 4 - Social Science

grade4 ss 32020 was an incredible year. Despite lockdown and amidst a pandemic, all learners in Grade 4 thoroughly enjoyed every History and Geography lesson for Social Science.

Learners played educational games based on each History and Geography topic per term. This made lessons and learning fun.

In Term 1, learners played a 'Spin the Wheel' game which helped them revise for their Term 1 examinations. We learnt about archaeologists, historians and more. In one lesson, learners imagined being owners of museums. Unleashing their creativity, learners created museums such as The Museum of Old Legos and The Museum of Traditional Candy.

However, the fun did not end there; we did not let a new virus stop us from learning.

For Term 2 and 3, learning was conducted online. We learnt about the beautiful country of South Africa and other countries around the world too. Learners also conducted research on a country of their choice and presented their work online. By the time we came back to school, learners already knew about popular landmarks, names of the world's continents and South Africa's provinces.

In Term 4, learners drew maps of the residential area they reside in and they built roads in their workbooks too. We learnt how people in the past communicated and how they travelled from one place to another, because cars didn't exist and the Ancient Egyptians invented paper.

In Grade 4...

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