Message From our Board of Governors

logoAll Praise is to ALLAH and salutations on our Nabi SAW.

The year 2020 will remain etched in our minds for decades to come and many will reflect on the year with different emotions. The globe is overcome with extraordinary challenges related to health, economy, education, social and spiritual life. Allah, through HIS Power stopped us in our tracks, into a lockdown, followed by social distancing and wearing of masks. Through His Power in controlling a virus invisible to the human eye, HE disrupted all the bounties that many of us took for granted. It was and still is a time for reflection and an opportunity for us to re-set our compass to the Akhira.

We place on record our heartfelt appreciation to the parents for your on-going support, understanding and commitment. We are fully aware of the many financial challenges that existed prior to the pandemic which were further amplified by the lockdown. The independent school sector has also been affected to a major extent with some schools even closing their doors. We thank ALLAH that our Finance Committee was able to overcome some challenges through strategic loans and patron assistance. Keeping in mind the challenges of 2021, the Board very reluctantly announces a bottom line school fee increase of below 5% for the Grades 1 to 7 and below 4% for the Grades 8 – 12. The Preschool fee will increase by 6%. We have kept the fee increase to a minimum and will once again depend on the philanthropy of our community to get us through this difficult period, insha ALLAH.

 May ALLAH reward the parents and donors who contributed to our “Assist a Family Fund” through which we managed to assist 45 families with some assistance towards their school fees. Families and the community have to support each other during times of crisis.

Amidst the pandemic, we at Al Falaah College were fortunately blessed with a team of highly skilled teachers who very quickly adapted to the online teaching platform and continued to deliver the curriculum. We commend the Principals who showed resilient leadership in steering the ship through the stormy waters. May Allah bless you for the sacrifices and the many hours you spent beyond the call of normal duty to ensure that our children continue with their education. This sentiment of appreciation was well articulated in the letters and emails of commendation we received from many parents.

The school day which historically is a highly regulated and controlled system defined by time tables, assessments, parent consultations, sports fixtures, fun days, excursions, social events, hifz classes, sports days, etc was disrupted to an unimaginable level. We have no doubt learnt some great lessons on adaptability, agility and dedication.

Despite the delays as a result of the lockdown and rainy weather, Alhamdulillah our Infrastructure Sub Committee continued with the development of the new preschool. Through the Grace and Mercy of the Almighty we will shortly be commencing with the internal fittings, insha ALLAH. The other projects on our priority list will follow soon. We place on record our heartfelt appreciation to all donors who made it possible for this project to be completed despite the financial challenges.

The Uniform Sub Comm of the Board was also busy during the lockdown, consulting with various stakeholders and service providers and insha ALLAH our new uniform items will be available from the end of Feb 2021. Learners will be allowed to use both the new and old items for 2021 which will serve as a transition year. JazakALLAH to the uniform Sub Comm.

It gives us great pleasure to also announce that Yacoob Ballim who served as Chair of Exco will vacate the seat at the end of 2020 and take over as Chair of the Board of Governors. Mohammed Mehtar, a member of the Executive will replace Mr Ballim as Chair of the Executive of the Board and his Deputy will be Ml Bilal Jakhura. These appointments and the inclusion of new members onto the Executive and Board is part of the strategic succession planning for the College. May Allah guide all those entrusted with leadership and bless them with wisdom and sincerity.

 Finally, I want to commend and express my appreciation to all members of the Executive and Board for their support and sacrifices. May ALLAH accept and reward you for your service to Islamic Education.


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