Intermediate Phase

“It only takes a flicker to ignite the flame of inspiration. In the classroom, teachers bring ideas to life not just by sharing, but by encouraging imagination. There is no telling what a child’s mind can unlock.”

The Intermediate Phase opens vistas of opportunities where the focus is to develop the whole person with the objective of establishing confidence, courage, generosity and perseverance in young learners. With this engagement of the self, learners gain a firm understanding of believing in Allah (SWT) and the life-pattern of Nabi Muhammad (SAW) thereby encouraging a sound moral compass for future living.

Every learner is encouraged to participate in our sports programme, which they do with fervor and zest. Furthermore, the co-curricular programmes encourage strong academic pursuits which in essence fosters the ability of self-reliance and to look beyond oneself. By adopting this positive attitude, the world beyond the classroom is looked at so that the pupil develops a holistic approach to education and views schooling as a door to unleash innate potentials.

The potential of the learner is nurtured in every lesson through innovative, interactive teaching and learning, in a friendly environment. The school environment is the most invigorating variable to inspire a zeal for knowledge. Therefore, Al Falaah College ensures that teachers are well prepared and trained to nurture and assist learners in this very crucial stage of life. The academic life of the learner is enhanced through field trips, overnight camps and other activities to make learning an indelible experience of enjoyment. Learners participate actively in lessons and programmes so that they develop self-reliance and self-discipline.

Life lessons in the weekly assemblies are crucial to the growth mindset because it focuses on the pupil’s perception of the world. Each assembly is crafted with an Islamic theme and it is combined with a practical dimension so that Islam is conceived as a practical way of life.

The Intermediate Phase Department is an active, vibrant and special place for each child to grow because our teachers leave no stone unturned to ensure life-long learning.

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