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“Years on now, learners  of Al Falaah College are still in contact with us to acknowledge their sound Islamic values  and the trajectory of academic excellence we set them on.” 


Our school is established on the principle of Ihsan (Excellence), making an improvement in all endeavors. This is no easy task but with a dedicated team, Al Falaah College refines the teaching and learning environment constantly so that 21st century skills permeate the education culture.

The culture of education at Al Falaah College is framed with a growth achievement mindset because we believe that children must be taught in the way they learn. Therefore, Al Falaah College embraces the Apple Eco-system to teach off the iPad and to synchronise it with current trends. Current trends demand that we substitute, modify, augment and redefine teaching strategies to ensure that academic excellence leverages the holistic development of the child. Al Falaah College sets high standards of academic prowess because it understands the competitive nature of the world beyond the classroom which will become the future playground. Our high standards, we believe, provide the impetus for each child to strive and to seek success beyond the ordinary. In making children rise to extraordinary expectations, the college imbues each child with ambition.

Ambition happens within the context of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that are offered in tandem with the academic stream of teaching and learning. Various clubs, forums, courses and societies like the Book Club, the Enviro Club, the Toastmasters International, Coding and Robotics , Debate Club, Interact Club and Leadership Club amongst others establishes refinement of character and a deeper understanding of living with a purpose in this world. This is further embellished by a sports culture which in essence enlivens the body and mind so that healthy living becomes a lifestyle.

Lifestyles are emboldened with a spiritual connection and Al Falaah College enhances the tenets of Islam through an interactive and dynamic Islamic Studies Department. Our Islamic ethos and a consistent 100 % pass rate in the NSC examination have garnered many accolades, both at Provincial and National levels. Umalusi and the Association of Muslim Schools (AMS) have accredited Al Falaah College as an educational service provider par excellence.

Lifelong friendships are engendered at Al Falaah College where learners begin to see themselves as role players in the world beyond the classroom as benefactors of humanity.

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Islamic School based in Durban, South Africa - Best Performing School Matric Exams South Africa, 2016